Dog Training Courses

Upcoming Puppy Training Classes

2 June, 2021
Puppy Training Course Starting on 25 July at 13:30

Times & Dates 13:30-14:25 Sun 25th July 2021 – Bishopston (outdoors) 13:30-14:25...

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2 June, 2021
Puppy Training Course Starting on 11 July at 16:30

Times & Dates 16:30-17:25 Sun 11th July 2021 – Bishopston (outdoors) 16:30-17:25...

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17 May, 2021
Puppy Training Course Starting on 27 June 2021 at 15:30

Times & Dates 15:30-16:25 Sun 27th June 2021 – Bishopston (outdoors) 15:30-16:25...

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12 May, 2021
Puppy Training Course Starting on 13 June 2021 at 14:30

Times & Dates 14:30-15:25 Sun 13th June 2021 – Bishopston (outdoors) 14:30-15:25...

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Our Training Methods

Classical Conditioning

We help the dog form positive associations with sounds and words in order to elicit a reflexive response.

Operant Conditioning

The dogs learn that good behaviour and good choices result in good consequences, such as food or games.

Positive Reinforcement

We add something of value to the dog in the training session, such as food, in order to increase the probability that the good behaviour will happen again.


We use food in the hand to manipulate the dog into the position we want, such as a sit.


We recognise good behaviour when it happens without being prompted, and reward it in order to encourage the behaviour again.


We break the training down into easy sections so that we can achieve a high success rate and give lots of rewards to the dogs, making training fun.

What We Teach

Basic Obedience

Good Manners





Impulse Control

Loose Lead Walking

Body Awareness


Body Language

How Dogs Learn

How To Deal With Unwanted Behaviour

How To Avoid Common Problems