Myth – Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Human Food

4 November, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, dogs don’t need to be fed the same boring dog food, day in, day out.  Fresh unprocessed food, according to some research, is considered to be the best diet for a dog, although this would be disputed by some that feed their dog raw food.  It would be difficult for the average person to feed their dog a balanced diet, but it should be reasonably easy to replace one mzeal every other day, or at least 3 times a week, with fresh, unprocessed human food.  This does not apply to dogs that are fed raw food.

Checkout this website to see how nutritious the food that you feed your dog is.  You’ll probably be surprised at how poor some of the better known brands are.  Supermarket own brands tend to be particularly bad.


Your dog is up to 90% less likely to get cancer.

The dog gets variety.  If your favourite meal was steak, you’d go off it quite quickly if you had to eat it for every single meal.

The more balanced and less processed the food, the more diverse the microbiome in the gut which lessens the risk of diabetes, obesity and cancer, and a reduced immune system.

A poor diet and poor gut health is linked to behavioural issues.

It’s easy and it’s fun.  You could put the leftovers from your meal from last night into a Kong.  You could challenge yourself to putting different foods into a muffin tin and see which ones your dog eats first.


Unless you’ve studied dog nutrition, it’ll be difficult to provide a balanced diet for a dog that’s fed solely on fresh, unprocessed food.

You should avoid feeding your dog some human foods.


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